Janét Aizenstros Media Kit | Legacy & History-Making Entrepreneur |

Janét Aizenstros is a Canadian media proprietor, author, talk show host, speaker, model, producer and globally recognized emotional intelligence advocate. 


2011- Started creative agency with only $20 on a SquareSpace 5 website working out of her family home basement.


2012 - Wrote 3 children’s books, 1 women’s book compilation and 1 business book called The Lifestylepreneur – Developing a Brand You love Online (never published), launched Women’s Movement Radio Network and self-publishing company


March 2013 – Global Women’s Inspiration Conference launched, audiobook – Married To Me

Podcasting, Blogging, Branding still building


2014 – Ahava Entertainment was born – offered different services, published Poetry book My Heart Open As The Sky (published 2014 written in 1997)


2015 – Launched Luxe House Publishing, wrote Life Through The Eyes of My Evolution  (never published), International Women’s Day - Indigo Greenroom Events, renamed self-publishing company LOVE Lifestyle Publishing Group


2016 – Launched Janét Aizenstros Foundation, started scholarships and women engineering fund programs with Conestoga College, University of Guelph, University of Waterloo, completed PhD


2017 – Sold old creative and digital agency. Opened new agency named Ahava Digital Group which is a women-led digital consultancy


Late 2017 – Early 2018 Twelve Twenty One Illustration came to life launched


2019 – Wholly Living Research Institute, Wholly Living & Co., Janét Aizenstros Collection, Ahava Holdings & Ventures is launched and completed EMBA